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[ are you allowed to make such health statements about your products? ]

Yes, we are. The specific active ingredients we use in our bars allow us to make such statements. Each bar is registered as a food supplement and each mentioned statement is approved by the Food Safety Administration of Latvia.


[ are your bars scientifically proven to have the claimed effect? ]

The ingredients used in our bars are scientifically proven to have the claimed effect. Our Team has made 2 experiments in collaboration with the University of Latvia to study the effect of Brain ENERGY Bar on students and their cognitive performance. The experiments showed an increased reaction speed, increased focus and an increased alfa-Brainwave activity in the parieto-occipital region. So, yes - the bars do have an effect on Brain performance.
Find out more about the studies here


[ what is clean-label ? ]

By clean-label we literally mean no useless ingredients. The bars are made of food that has many useful effects on your body - nuts, fruit, seeds, berries, plant powders & extracts, spices, active ingredients. Yes, for us even oats are considered as useless because they give you calories, fiber and.... well, that's it! Just calories. And fiber. That you can get in pretty much any other natural food.

Forget about glucose syrups, sweeteners, stabilizers, preservatives, E-smth etc. They have a use for making the food, but they are useless as a food for your body.

As a result, the bars are natural & vegan, with no added sugar, rich in fiber and Brain-friendly* :)

*That includes the gut-Brain too.  



[ do you ship worldwide? ]

Yes, of course. For a detailed description about the shipping policy, terms, costs and possible free shipping options, please see our shipping policy.